FLOW Health Centre was born out of our desire to create a multidisciplinary office where all of our practitioners love what they do and are ready to help you achieve flow in your life.

Our Mission is to work at the intersection of evidence based research and holistic living to help lead you towards vibrant Flowing health. We have practitioners who will view your health in both Western medicine and Eastern Medicine approaches to find the root cause. We take a whole body, team based approach to your unique health care needs and goals.

So….what is flow?

You know those moments when everything just connects and you are truly in the present moment? When your creativity and productivity collide effortlessly and you lose all sense of time? You have complete concentration and clarity. You are dancing in the rain like nobody is watching. Flow is an important contributor to living a fully engaged, happy and creative life. The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2013) said “Flow” is where self-consciousness is lost and one surrenders completely to the moment. You are an athlete “in the zone”… a musician “in the pocket”….you are “in the groove”… you are in Flow.

From a Western Medicine/Physical Body perspective flow is blood/nerve/lymph flow. From an Eastern Medicine/Energy perspective this flow is vital life force energy known as Qi/Prana/Innate Intellegince.

Our bodies have an innate capacity to heal. They are self regulating and self healing. If you break a bone, the cast doesn’t heal the bone, it is your bodies’ physiology that naturally changes to promote healing of the bone.

It is believed that health comes when there is balanced energy flow throughout the body. It is then believed that a blockage or overflow creates disharmony. There are times that our body experiences greater levels of disharmony than we are able to recover from ourselves such as stress, injury, illness etc. Healing then becomes an interdependent journey. Our goal is to work along with you so that your body can communicate and flow freely and heal.

You can support your bodies’ natural healing capacity through breath, good nutrition, good sleep, positive relationships, movement, nature… etc. We can also further support you through Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, movement and more to reestablish balance and flow in your life.