Meet Our Team

Our team of health professionals work together to help heal, restore and build our patients' health and wellness. We take a patient-centred, therapeutic approach and offer integrative therapies and services including Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Speech Language Pathology and Yoga. 

Take a minute and click on our team spotlights to learn about what we do, why and our motivations! 

Scott Bitz


Scott Bitz is a Dr of Chiropractic.  This is is BIO. This is a filler until content is here. 

Shyla Robertson-Bitz is also a Dr. of Chiropractic.  She also does acupuncture. This is a filler for real BIO.

Jacqueline graduated from the Regina Western College of Remedial Massage in June 2014 and hasn’t looked back on becoming a massage therapist.

Jacqueline has always been passionate about taking care of others, she's experienced first hand the benefits of massage therapy, thus leading to her keen interest in the therapy. 

Her primary focus is therapeutic massage. She's been in practice for 3 years and plans to expand her knowledge with training in scar management, facial release, Graston Technique and acupuncture.